At Jabbi Group, we want to harness the potential of renewable energy by engaging in solar power generation among other methods to generate the needed electricity for the population of the Gambia. The Gambia, like many other African countries, have over 60 percentate of their population as youths, and in order to cater the needs of these youthful population, countries needs energy supply to support employment of these group that can result to grow their economies. Our main goal here is to support African countries in transforming over 90 per cent of their energy suply to enewables, that will improves the well-being of citizens and their overall welfare well beyond GDP. One way we can achieve this in The Gambia and in many African countries will be through tapping into the potential of renewable natural resources such as solar as countries have over 13 hours daily sunlight in 365 days. It will be a reliable source of energy, that will supports manufacturing industries, modern agricultural interventions, increased trade and improved transportation networks.

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