Ecotourism in the Gambia and any other African country is an economic development tool that involves bringing local communities and visitors (tourists) together in an environmentally friendly way. This intervention for us has many benefits; among them, the preservation of native lands, increase in local employment and providing funds for continued conservation. Our plan in Ecotorism will encourage positive experience for visitors as well as the host communities and minimise the impact if tourism on the environment. Most importantly, the activities will create employment and financial opportunities for local communities and encourages conservation, providing financial benefits to communities to maintain the ecosystem. Our plan activities in the Gambia will engage rural communities to preserve their local natural surroundings, culture and promotes livelihood for the local people. We know that most European countries earn more than 75 per cent of their revenue from forests through eco-tourism rather than from cutting down forests and selling the timber and we can do the same in African countries.

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