Our capacity development activities are geared towards supporting entrepreneurs and those thinking of starting their own business. Capacity development fosters a sense of ownership and empowerment, so that entrepreneurs and start-ups gain greater control over their own future development. While capacity building suggests building something new from the ground up, which we also do for start-ups and new entries into business and other production chains, our capacity development is believed to better express an approach that builds on existing skills and knowledge, driving a dynamic and flexible process of change to a level our customers whats to reach. We at Jabbi Group also believes that the Gambia and other African countries need to take ownership of their own future with respect to capacity needs and ensure that the skills and capacities developed in the areas of agriculture, manufactiuring, value added, etc. are innovativive and sustainable in the long term. We also offer capacity development for community groups in our consultancy activities in support of local development project through, project design, raising funding, management training and conducting monitoring, evaluations, and reviews.

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