At jabbi Group, we have means to support governments and organisation to design manufacturing industries by producing raw materials to finish goods ready for the market of for


Agricultural activities in The Gambia is by far the single most important economic activity. It provides employment for about 60% of the working population of the country and

Renewable Energy

At Jabbi Group, we want to harness the potential of renewable energy by engaging in solar power generation among other methods to generate the needed electricity for the

Value Added

At Jabbi Group, we strongly believe that African countries must diversify into adding value to their produce for more regional trade and exports if they are to survive economic shocks.


Ecotourism in the Gambia and any other African country is an economic development tool that involves bringing local communities and visitors (tourists) together in an environmentally

Capacity Development

Our capacity development activities are geared towards supporting entrepreneurs and those thinking of starting their own business. Capacity development fosters a sense of