About Jabbi Group

To become a leading African diaspora investment and Consultancy Company in Ireland and in The Gambia, attracting investment drive for projects in The Gambia and in selected African countries, but also facilitating African intercontinental trade through AfCFTA and trading between Africa and Europe delivering value for money in all interventions.

We will achieve our vision through:

·        Teaming up with Irish and European companies to invest in development project.

·        Offering high quality business, information and training consultancies for diaspora and emerging entrepreneurs in the Gambia and in some African countries.

·        Facilitate European and African market presence for African made produce and products

·        Provide high quality customer service in our office in Ireland and in The Gambia.

Championing the realisation of the vision of AfCFTA as a means to promoting manufacturing and value added in African countries with the brand Made In Africa

The company is open to collaborate with African and European companies to realize our vision but also the economic development visions of African countries.

Our Team