At Jabbi Group we belief that for African countries to achieved a higher per capita income that will influence better standard of living for the people, our countries will need to export finished goods to the competitive market in order to get more favorable returns to invest in capital project that will lead to sustainable development of our communities.

However, export materials from African countries to European countries have to be finished goods not raw materials as traditional seen. For the African Diaspora businesses like Jabbi Group our main is to work with African producers to add value to their produces to finish products and also work with small-scale manufacturers to get their products into the European markets.

At Jabbi Group, we already work in this area, we are presently importing Irish Milk powder into Gambia, but our desire will be to produce this powered milk in the Gambia with our Irish partners who have verse knowledge in this area. From the Gambia, we are looking at how we can export fruits and agricultural produce into Ireland and to other European countries.

Many European countries are linked highly with African countries through development aid and less on trade and investment. We at Jabbi Group want to see these relationship changed. With our partners, we are striving for more bilateral trade and capital investment initiatives in African countries by developing infrastructures, institutions and engage in capacity building initiatives for sustainable development. And how to get all these achieved; Jabbi Group is one of the means to the end.